Thursday, September 09, 2004


Shipwreck Central


I discovered this web site yesterday night. Visit Shipwreck Central, you won't regret it.

About Shipwreck Central

Eco-Nova dive teams have been traveling the planet searching for and filming shipwreck sites for over a decade. Our goal in all our documentaries has always been to bring you to underwater sites that you might otherwise not see and to tell good factual stories to compliment our amazing underwater visuals. Our “Sea Hunters” documentaries are our best to date. Working with world renowned author, Clive Cussler , marine archaeologist and author, James Delgado, and our dive team, headed up by Mike and Warren Fletcher, we have taken you on searches for some of the world's most famous shipwrecks.

Over this time we have conversed and traded wreck information with many of you. In fact, we now have so many avid divers, historians and shipwreck enthusiasts contacting us with information and questions that it has proven to be impossible to keep up a real, ongoing dialogue.

Shipwreck Central is our effort to keep the lines of communication open, to offer new goods and services to our friends and fans and, most importantly to give you a place to share and exchange stories, information and ideas on our favorite topic, the world’s shipwrecks.

Our “Interactive Shipwreck Search Map” now belongs to all of us. It is your portal to shipwreck information around the planet. You will find that you can explore shipwreck sites in all the oceans of the world, and in fact add your own shipwreck information to the site. Through the map and chat room you can carry on a dialogue with the “Sea Hunters” team and other devotees from all corners of the globe.

If you’re a teacher you can look over the “Curriculum Modules” we’ve created about various shipwrecks. If you like, you can keep your eye on the “Live from the Dive” section and watch as Warren Fletcher creates a real time audio visual up-link that puts you right at the dive site during the making of one of our National Geographic and History Televison documentaries.

But no matter what you do, remember, this is your site, your place to make contact with shipwreck enthusiasts from every country of the world. We are really excited about this new forum. We hope that it becomes a new important link to all our fans and friends in the over 170 countries where the “Sea Hunters” documentaries now play. We hope it becomes your favorite site for gathering information on our favorite topic, the world’s shipwrecks.

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