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Almost 300 Ships and 26 Nations are under Sail



NRP Sagres II (Portuguese navy).

Das Internationale Festival Der Widjammer 10.bis 14. August 2005
"Sail Bremerhaven 2005"from August 10 – 14, 2005, will be the greatest festival of square-riggers in Europe.

More won’t work! The planers of the international festival of windjammers "Sail Bremerhaven 2005"from August 10 - 14, 2005, get into a sweat. More than 200 windjammers and almost 100 other ships from 26 nations will be expected at Europe’s largest windjammer meeting.

And that’s not nearly all: On board of the tall ships and sailing training vessels more than 5000 crew members will arrive, e.g. from Indonesia, India, the Sultanate of Oman, Rumania, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Uruguay, Colombia, the U.S.A., Ukraine, Russia and the whole of Europe. Moreover, Bremerhaven expects 1.5 million visitors.
The programme book "Sail Bremerhaven 2005" is like reading about 200 pages of a windjammer encyclopaedia and picture book, which lists about 24 main events with almost 200 single events. Besides the more than 4000 parking spaces in the city, another 24.000 parking space were created at the city perimeter. Already now the length of all the ships along the quays to berth all the beauties of the sea amounts to 6.5 kilometres.

Centre of the mega-festival under sails is the inner city area with its museum harbour, "Alter Hafen", "Neuer Hafen", "Seebäderkaje", tug pier and the quay at the River Geeste. Also, the fishery port is densely packed with sailing ships, because during "Sail Bremerhaven 2005" every visitor shall get the chance to participate in a trial tour under sail on the River Weser.

Those who already know shipping under sail have the chance, to put to sea on board of a dozen of modern and elegant motor vessels. For "Sail 2005" Bremerhaven has made use of all its maritime resources and so continues its almost 180-year-old maritime tradition, which has always been and is still concerned with the building and operation of tall windjammers, because in the last twenty years Bremerhaven has again been the port of registry of a square–rigger, the green bark "Alexander von Humboldt

Dedicated to the classics of the oceans this fifth international festival of windjammers since 1986, for which the German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder has agreed to bed come patron and which at this traditional naval base will be celebrated together with the 50th birthday of the Bundeswehr.

Appropriate in size is the contingent of "grey" ships in the harbour and at the naval ceremony during the days of the" Sail".

Already on Tuesday, August 9, 2005, the larger part of the fleet will have reached Bremerhaven. Ahead of them the "Sail"- flagship, the bark "Gorch Fock" of the German Navy with its sister ships "Sagres II" (Portugal) and "Mircea" Rumania). But without any doubt, the Italian full - rigged ship "Amerigo Vespucci" will belong to the most magnificent guests.

"Sail Bremerhaven 2005" officially starts on Wednesday, August 10, 2005. One of the highlights for the visitors will undoubtedly be that on all days almost all ships can be visited and that there will be an abundance of attractive activities ashore, on the water and also in the air.

Other "Sail"-highlights are the crew parade on August12, the huge display of fireworks at great height on August 13, and, of course, the windjammer parade on the River Weser, which will begin on Sunday, August 14, 2005 at 15:00 hours and which will bring almost 1000 ships of all kinds on to the River Weser as the final of the "Sail".

Never before have so many large sailing vessels and so many nations been together in a German harbour. "Sail Bremerhaven 2005" will not only be a challenge to the organizers in Bremerhaven, but it will also become a very unique experience for all the friends of the coast, the sea, and shipping under sail.

With this in mind, welcome to the world of windjammers at "Sail Bremerhaven 2005".


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