Sunday, December 04, 2005


Archeologia subacquea


December 04, 2005

Several pages permit researchers of underwater archaeology to ask for information or discuss problems and discoveries of Italian underwater archaeology.

The sections about the news and short articles are accessible by clicking on "Archeonotizie", "Last minute" and "Venezia e isole", and many of these are copies of articles published in Italian newspapers, magazines and journals.

Some articles discuss islands in the lagoon of Venice such as Ammiana, Costanziaco, Motta S. Lorenzo and San Marco in Boccalama, but further contents are available on other parts of the lagoon.

Some articles and papers on underwater and archaeological methodologies of excavation are available by clicking on "Metodologie di studio", while the section "Archeolex" provides information on Italian laws about archaeology.

This website may be of interest especially to undergraduate students interested in underwater archaeology, maritime archaeology or the archaeology of Venice and Veneto.


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