Thursday, December 15, 2005


Human remains found in shipwreck


Herald Sun
December 15, 2005

SCIENTISTS excavating a British corvette which sunk near the Argentine coast in 1770 have recovered human bones.

Researchers from the National Institute of Anthropology believe the remains are those of two crew members whose bodies were never recovered when the British navy vessel, the Swift, sunk off the coast of Puerto Deseado in the southern province of Santa Cruz.

In addition to the human remains, researchers have pulled from the wreck a collection of seeds, chilli peppers, an hourglass, bottles, and furniture apparently for the ship's captain, reported the Clarin newspaper.

The Swift was a 28 metre corvette armed with powerful guns based in the British-controlled Falkland Islands in the southern Atlantic.

It sank after striking rocks as it sought refuge inland from a powerful storm in 1770. While most of the crew escaped safely, three died, two of whose bodies were never found.

The vessel was discovered by a group of youths in 1982 and scientists have been excavating it for more than ten years.

More information about HMS Swift here.


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