Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Suddhadib- Hardeep shipwreck DVD


Thai Wreck Diver

Diver & shipwreck researcher Peter Walker assisted by a team of keen professional divers unravel the history of one of Thailand's most popular shipwrecks.

From a standing start Peter has succeeded in completely unravelling the history of what was, a mystery shipwreck. Never before seen footage and actual aerial photography of the bombing raid that sunk the Suddhadib, establish for the first time what really happened in 1945 when the Royal Thai Navy at anchor was attacked by a squadron of B24 liberator bombers.

Peter's clear 'BBC style' presentation and multi-lingual detective skills comb through Thai naval history and cross the world to trace the actual bomber crews involved in this raid 65 years after the sinking, for a first hand 'on camera' interview of what it was like to be there during a low level bombing run against enemy shipping.

Underwater video footage clearly documents all aspects of diving this wreck including penetration diving into the more challenging areas that are out of reach to recreational divers. The video survey also documents the many unexploded bombs that still litter the seabed around her, and the dozens of species of marine life that have made this shipwreck there home.

For more detailed online history of the Suddhadib click here.


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