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Archaeologists explore sunken Napoleonic ship - Navio Napoleónico descoberto em Itália


O Mercure, uma corveta da Marinha francesa de Napoleão, foi afundado em Fevereiro de 1812 junto ao Cabo Tagliamento, depois de uma batalha de 40 minutos com o Weasel, um navio de guerra Inglês.

Em 2001, pescadores locais recuperaram uma peça de artilharia nas redes. Este ano, uma equipa da Universidade de Veneza está a realizar tabalhos arqueológicos no naufrágio.

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Rome, Aug 3 (IANS)

Scuba diving archaeologists have begun excavating a Napoleonic battleship that was sunk in a battle almost 200 years ago from a lagoon near here, Xinhua reports.

The Mercure, a lightly armed French navy "corvette", was sent to the bottom of the sea off Cape Tagliamento in February 1812 after a 40-minute battle with an English battleship called the Weasel. It was discovered by chance in 2001 when local fishermen found one of its cannons caught in their nets.

Most of the ship's hull is still in one piece, along with much of the deck and eight cannons. The wreck is the only known example of a Napoleonic corvette and local experts are keen to discover details about its construction and equipment. The first underwater studies of the wreck were scheduled to begin Monday.

The scuba-diving archaeologists include four students from the ancient sciences department of Venice's Ca' Foscari university. The battle in which the Mercure sank came towards the end of the 17 years of French control over Venice.

Although Napoleon had conquered the city, he was unable to establish his supremacy at sea, where England continued to be the dominant sea power, even in the Mediterranean.

The results of the Mercure excavation - including artefacts and video footage of work done underwater - are expected to be collected together and put on show in a public exhibition next year.

Náufragio do Mercure.

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