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First Annual Conference of the Centre for Portuguese Nautical Studies

Maritime Archaeological Conference: 7-9 August 2004 Wild Coast Sun, KwaZulu Natal, SOUTH AFRICA

This is the first call for papers focusing on Portuguese maritime history, the Portuguese ship, maritime archaeology or trade, trade routes and trade goods during the Carreira da India Period, (approximately AD 1500 to 1700). If you are interested in presenting a paper, you are asked to provide a title and an abstract of your topic for approval by the conference programme committee. This conference will focus on Portuguese Maritime history, associated shipwrecks and trade during the Carreira da India period.Topics will include:

The Portuguese ship

Trade routes and trade goods (especially Chinese porcelain)

Maritime archaeology as a discipline

Maritime archaeology: South African Heritage Resouce Agency [SAHRA], the National Shipwreck surveyand legislation

SA Shipwreck projects: São João, São Bento, Nossa Senhora De Los Milagros, [Grosvenor, Oosterland ea.]

Search and survey of wreck sites

Artefact preservation and conservation and the role and state of

Museums and preservation facilities in South Africa. (What is available and what do we need – a plan of action for SouthAfrica).

International projects

The Conference proceedings will take up two full days, 7 and 8 August, 2004. On the following day, 9 August, we plan to unveil a monument, in the form of a Portuguese Padrão, at the wreck site of the São Bento at Mzikaba in the Mkambati Nature reserve . This event will serve to commemorate the stranding of this particular Portuguese trading vessel here some 450 years ago. It is hoped that the Portuguese Ambassador to South Africa will attend the unveiling, together with local leaders in the Portuguese Community

First CPNS Maritime Archaeology Conference

SATURDAY: 7 AUGUST 2004 Convenor: Dr. Valerie Esterhuizen
08h00-08h30 Registration of Conference Delegates

08h30 – 08h45 Opening and welcoming

08h45 – 09h15 Guest SpeakerMr Ernest Booi, Chairperson; East Coast Tourism Board


09h15 – 09h45 Monique CrickDirector, Oriental ceramics: Collection Bauer, Switzerland From the Carreira da India to the gate of China: Porcelain in the Portuguese trade

09h45 – 10h15 Maria Pinto de MatosDirector: Casa Museum Anastáçio Concálves, LisbonChinese trade porcelain associated with the Portuguese market.

10h15 – 10h30 Questions and discussion

10h30 – 11h00 Break: Tea and refreshments

11h00 – 11h30 Jean MartinOriental Ceramic Society, London. The Chinese porcelain trade of the Jiajing and Longqing periods. The development of the ‘Kraak’ and the ‘Transitional’ style.

11h30 – 12h00 Prof. Peter LamDirector: Art Museum, Chinese University of Hong KongDating Chinese porcelain of the 16th and 17th centuries. Addressing the problem from an Oriental perspective

12h00 – 12h30 (Speaker to be Announced)

12h30 – 13h00 Dr Valerie Esterhuizen[Topic to be announced]

13h00 – 14h00 Lunch

14h00-17h00 Trade Ceramics workshop – round table discussion group

20h00 Gala-event: Portuguese cultural eveningDinner and ‘traditional dress’Guest speaker:The South African Portuguese community – “Shipwreck survivor till 2005”* Originally planned for Monday 9 Augusts was to erect a permanent, inscribed granite Padräo at Mzikaba to commemorate to the loss of the Sao Bento 450 years earlier. Unfortunately we needed more time for lectures and it has been decided to postpone the function till late 2004 or during 2005. A suitable location overlooking the actual wrecksite will be identified and the necessary permissions from Government and local tribal authorities will be obtained. Original program wording:**A sermon and function is to be held at Mzikaba (Mkambati Nature Reserve), where the São Bento was lost during 1554. The loss of this ship 450 years ago will be commemorated by unveiling a commemorative symbol or padrão at the site. A dignitary from the Portuguese Embassy, ideally the ambassador, dr. P. Barsosa, has been invited to officiate by unveiling and dedicating the monument. The local community of Mzikaba will be involved. The Chief of the AmaPondo, mr. Serbus Jokhawa, will be invited to be present during unveiling of the monument. The local school will participate by delivering a performance of singing and dancing. A long term educational and environmental program with CPNS and the local schools will also be launched with this occasion.

SUNDAY 8 AUGUST Convener: Dr. Paul Brandt
8h00-08h30 Registration of Conference Delegates

08h30 - 09h00 Opening by Mr Patric Mashabane, SAHRA board member and chairperson, SAHRA Gauteng

SESSION 1: MARITIME TRADE ROUTES Chairperson – Dr Paul Brandt
08h30 – 09h00 Dr Paul BrandtCentre for Portuguese Nautical Studies (CPNS): An introduction

09h05 – 09h35 Prof. A.E. DuffeyCurator Art Collections, University of PretoriaThe pre-colonial trade off the East coast of Kenya and South Africa

09h40 – 10h10 Prof. Andrie MeyerArchaeologist and CPNS DirectorThe mysterious trade routes to Mapungubwe and Thulamela

10h10 – 10h25 Questions and discussion

10h25 – 10h55 Tea/Coffee and Refreshments

SESSION 2: MARITIME TRADE GOODS Chairperson – Mr John Gribble
11h00 – 11h30Dr Valerie EsterhuizenPortuguese Shipwreck and Survivor sites: Porcelain trial leads the way

11h35 – 12h05 Mr Jaco BoshoffMaritime Archaeologist: IZIKO museumsThe Slave trade and Africa: The role of Portugal in the establishment of the slave trade

12h10 – 12h40Dr Paul BrandtPortugueseTrade during the ‘Carreira da India’

12h40 – 13h00 Questions and Answers

13h00 – 14h00 LUNCH

SESSION 3: MARITIME ARCHAEOLOGY Chairperson Dr Valerie Esterhuizen
14h00 – 14h45 Mr George SchwartzNautical Archaeology Program, Texas A&M University, USAConstruction and Development of the 17th Century Portuguese Caravel

14h50 – 15h50 Dr. Tiago Miguel d' Oliveira Xavier Conde FragaNautical Archaeology Program: Texas A&M University Nossa Senhora dos Martires, an early 17th century Indiaman lost at the mouth of the Tagus River, Portugal

15h55 - 16h30 Jaco BoshoffMaritime Archaeologist: IZIKO MuseumsNAS Maritime Archaeology courses for South African sport divers

16h30 – 17h00 Questions and Answers

17h00 Tea/Coffee/Refreshments/Cash BarInformal discussions with International visitors

SUNDAY EVENING 19h00 – 23h00 (By invitation only)
CPNS, SAHRA, SA Museums, INA and the way forward for South African Maritime Archaeology: Portuguese Shipwreck and Survivor sites

MONDAY: 9 AUGUST Convenor: Dr PD Brandt

08h00 – 09h00 Dr. Tiago Miguel d' Oliveira Xavier Conde FragaNautical Archaeology Program: Texas A&M University. Santo Antonio de Tana. a Portuguese Frigate that sank at the coast of Kenya in the late 1600's

09h05 – 09h35 John GribbleMaritime Archaeologist: South African Heritage and Resources AgencyThe South Africa National Underwater Heritage Survey

09h40 – 10h10 Dr. Tiago Miguel d' Oliveira Xavier Conde FragaNautical Archaeology Program: Texas A&M University. “And you call yourself an Maritime archaeologist” –Sport diver vs Archaeologist –how and where do we meet

10h10 – 10h40 Questions and Answers

10h40 – 11h10 Tea/Coffee/Refreshments

11h10 – 11h40 John GribbleSouth African Legislation and its implications for salvage/excavation operations on Portuguese shipwreck and survivor sites off the South African coast

11h45 – 12h45 Mr Steven ValentineMaritime Archaeological artifact preservation

12h45 – 13h15 Questions and Answers

13h15 – 14h15 LUNCH

SESSION 3: SALVAGE and EXCAVATION Chairperson Prof Andrie Meyer
14h15 – 14h45 Mr Charly Shapiro Nossa Senhora dos Milagros: A new find, the pre-disturbance survey and possibilities for the future

14h50– 15h20 Mr Chris AuretSão Bento, 1554. The ship and its fate at Msikaba. Excavation report

15h25 – 16h00 PaulBredasdorp Shipwreck MuseumCape Agulhas, its shipwrecks and the Bredasdorp Shipwreck museum

16h00 - 16h30 Dr Paul BrandtSouth Africa Portuguese Shipwreck Artifact collections: Status Quo

16h30 – 17h00 Questions and discussion

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