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Novas escavações no sítio de naufrágio do "Mary Rose"

Novas escavações no sítio de naufrágio do navio do séc. XVI Mary Rose.

Depois da recuperação e musealização de uma boa parte da estrutura do navio de Henrique VIII, agora, obras e dragagens perto do local obrigaram a novas prospecções no sítio arqueológico.

Espera-se encontrar mais partes do casco assim como inúmeros artefactos.

Divers Probe Tudor Flagship
By Ben Mitchell, PA News

A three-week exploration of the Mary Rose wreck site was under way today to establish how much of King Henry VIII’s flagship remains at the bottom of the sea.

The Ministry of Defence is funding the excavation as part of its survey work on the entrance to Portsmouth Harbour where the Tudor warship lies. A geophysical survey was completed last year by the MOD to examine the suitability of the area for a proposed channel to be dredged to enable the next generation of Royal Navy aircraft carriers to access Portsmouth naval base. A deeper and more direct route may be required for the new ships which, when they enter service in eight years’ time, will be more than twice the size of the current Invincible-class carriers, according to a Royal Navy spokesman.

During dives which took place last year for the survey, a huge stern timber described as the missing jigsaw piece in the construction of the Mary Rose was discovered. This year the Mary Rose Trust, which is co-ordinating the current excavation, is hoping to find further timbers from the bow area of the sunken ship.

Trust chief executive John Lippiett said: “The dive last year was very successful but left us tantalisingly close to uncovering what could be an essential part of the Mary Rose. “This year we intend to return to the bow area and excavate to find the extent of the timbers that may still lie under the mud.“Both archaeologists and the MOD are anxious to know the results.” The Royal Navy spokesman added that it was in discussion with English Heritage and Wessex Archaeology about further investigative diving once a final decision on a route for the new aircraft carriers was made.

The diving operation, which began last weekend and is due to be completed on August 14, is being transmitted live on television screens inside the Mary Trust Museum in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard.

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Sealed by Time: The Loss and Recovery of the Mary Rose, by Peter Marsden

The Mary Rose as depicted on the Anthony Roll
© Pepys Library, Magdalene College, Cambridge

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