Monday, August 30, 2004


WXTide32 - a free Windows tide and current prediction program


Web site:
Visit the WXTide32 web site
Mike Hopper

WXTide32 is a FREE 32-bit Windows (9x/NT4/2k/ME/XP) program for predicting tides from 1970 to 2038.

The included database has tide data for around 8,500 locations worldwide and tidal current data for about 100 locations in North America.

Any number of user (custom) stations can be configured. Predictions can be displayed graphically or in any of several text formats including daily tide lists and month tide calendars.

The program is self-contained and has context sensitive help and extensive options to customize the content, display and presentation of data. Program source code in "C" is included.

Version 4.0 adds a new User Station Manager, nearest station command line option, and an updated database with U.K. Ireland and Scotland stations.

Link: - also downloadable here

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