Saturday, September 18, 2004


ADMAT's Interim Report On The White House Bay Wreck - St. Kitts


"The Anglo~Danish Maritime Archaeological Team (ADMAT), are delighted to inform that the interim report on the White House Bay Wreckin St. Kitts, has now been published.

The archaeological findings and the whole story behind the project, are now available either as a paper printed report or as a pdf file on cd. The report is 231 pages long excluding the appendix and contains 221 illustrations and colour photographs.

During April 2003 ADMAT, working for the St. Christopher Heritage Society and the Government of St. Kitts, conducted an archaeological survey and excavation in 3 meters of water, of what we believe to be a 1740's English collier. This was the first maritime archaeological project ever undertakenin St. Kitts, and ADMAT was pleased to assist the government of St. Kitts & Nevis in the protection of their Underwater Cultural Heritage.

After a year of research we believe that the vessel was built between 1740-1760 and was beeing used as a troopship for part of its life. We also believe that the ship may have taken part in the historic Battle of Frigate Bay in 1782 landing troops on the island.

The Project was run as a field school. Students from seven countries, as well as local participants, came to take part in the archaeological work on this important and historic wreck. The wreck had been uncovered in a hurricane and urgently needed attention and recording before it was completely destroyed. ADMAT spent two years planning for the project, which required 20 tons of equipment to be sponsored and shipped out to the island.

Information and 450 of the pictures taken during the project, are on our website Copies of the report can be purchased at cost from ADMAT, details of which are on the web site under merchandise."

Simon Q. Spooner BSc, MRICS, MIFAPhD CandidateThe Centre for Historical and Maritime Archaeology. University of Bristol President & Excavation DirectorAnglo ~ Danish Maritime Archaeological Team 12 Penners Gardens Langley Road Surbiton, Surrey KT6 6JW England.Tel: +44 (0)20-8399-1284E Mail: Web:

White House Bay Wreckin, St. Kitts

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