Tuesday, October 26, 2004


90-foot-long ocean-going warship replica based on Skuldelev 2 shipwreck



It's been the season for Vikings, with a replica of a warship originally crafted in Dublin setting sail in Denmark and some important discoveries in the British Isles.

Danish researchers at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde have spent four years replicating a 90-foot-long ocean-going warship based on the museum's Skuldelev 2 shipwreck.

The vessel was one of five Viking ships deliberately sunk in the late eleventh century to block a channel at Skuldelev, Denmark. Archaeologists erected a cofferdam around the ships in 1962 and spent seven years excavating them.

While Skuldelev 2 was the largest of the cargo and warships discovered at the site, it was also the least preserved, with only a quarter of its hull remaining.

Experts have nonetheless been able to reconstruct how the ship was built, and through its building materials trace its manufacture back to the Dublin area in the 1040s.

The replica will face two years of sea trials before it sails to Dublin in 2007.


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