Monday, October 25, 2004


Submarine megaliths offshore western Cuba


Researchers with Exploramar discovered at depths of 600 to 750 meters a group of unusual megalithic structures which they decided to call MEGA. Upon the announcement of the finding by the press, diverse opinions as to its origin have captured the popular imagination.

Some have spoken of a "submerged city", of the remains of "Atlantis", among other similar ideas.

This report written by Manuel Iturralde-Vinent, senior researcher of the Natural History Museum and associated reseracher with Exploramar, provides a summary of the hypotheses that are now under analysis and the evidences upon which such conceptions are based.

Included in the materials studied in order to draw this report are submarine video footage, pictures of the features and objects observed, side scan sonar-generated mosaics, aerial photographs, highly detailed bathymetric data, some samples gathered from the sea bottom, topographic maps and scientific literature related with the western part of Cuba.

This report is updated regularly, as new information is gathered.

After examining the available information, the following points are discussed:

Photographs are property of ADC Exploramar

What is MEGA and where it is located

Characteristics of the submarine structures

Hypothesis for the origin of MEGA

First hipothesis: Natural origin

Second hipothesis: Build by inteligent beings

Third hipothesis: Natural structures transformed by inteligent beings

First results of the geological-geomorphological investigations

How to test these hipothesis

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