Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology - February 24-26, 2005


The Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology is come to the 9th edition and thanks to the past successful meetings it became an important appointment for post-graduate researchers coming from Europe and beyond.

In 2005 SOMA will be held at Chieti University, in Central Italy.

We would like to stress the importance of treating the Mediterranean area in a wider perspective. Papers dealing with arguments like sea, trade, colonisation (and even piracy!) are, in this sense, the most welcome.

Moreover, we would like to invite papers focusing on Mediterranean areas which received very poor attention in the past editions of SOMA, such as Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, etc.. in other words North Africa and the West.

Nevertheless papers dealing with any Mediterranean area or period will be appreciated.

Although the conference is held in Italy, English will be the only language admitted, in order to maintain the usual organization of SOMA conferences.

Each paper will be presented in 15 minutes and followed by discussion.

Only graduate students and young scholars and researchers will be admitted as participants .
For registration please use only the online registration form.

Get all the information here.

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