Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Canadian wreck hunter expects to find gold bars, jewellery in bay off Cape Breton


National Post

Off the tip of Cape Breton, over seven metres below the ocean's surface, lies more than $5-million in buried treasure.

Or so Terry Dwyer hopes. Last summer, the Cole Harbour, N.S., diver's company, Deep Star Explorations, obtained a treasure-hunter's licence for a section of Aspy Bay, where Mr. Dwyer believes he'll nd millions of dollars' worth of coins and gold bars, jewellery and artifacts from the stern of a 243-year-old shipwreck.

He plans to start exploring next summer. "Some of the richest ships in the world are off the coast of Cape Breton and they've never been found," Mr. Dwyer, who will soon publish his book Wreck Hunter, told The Daily News in Halifax.

In 1761, the Auguste, carrying wealthy French settlers deported from Quebec, sank in Aspy Bay. There's no record of what the ship carried, but one survivor was Luc de La Corne, a wealthy fur trader and army officer.

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