Thursday, November 11, 2004


Ormen Lange Marine Archaeology Project - Norway


The Ormen Lange Marine Archaeology Project is the most technologically advanced underwater archaeology research project ever undertaken.

A special purpose marine archaeology ROV
has been developed for the project.
Photo: NTNU

In 2003 NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet discovered a historic shipwreck close to one of the planned Ormen Lange pipeline routes.

Since the shipwreck is protected under the Law of Protection of Cultural Heritage, additional investigations of the wreck site are necessary before the pipeline can be installed.

Due to the substantial water depth of 160 to 200 meters SCUBA diving is impossible and mandates the use of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to conduct all mapping, surveying, sampling and excavation.

A detailed investigation of the shipwreck site will take place in October-November 2004. The purpose of the work is to collect enough data to enable the Directorate for Cultural Heritage to decide to what extent the pipeline installation will affect the shipwreck site, and the need for additional marine archaeological investigations.

Professor Dr. Marek E. Jasinski, Project Director
Dr. Fredrik Søreide, Principal Investigator
Dr. Ayse D. Atauz, Marine Archaeologist
Brett A. Phaneuf, Geophysical Survey Specialist
Martin Ludvigsen, PhD student
Thor Olav Sperre, ROV supervisor
Brynjar Wiig, ROV supervisor
Jesper Nordgård, ROV crew
Jon Olav Bøen, ROV crew
Madli Hjermann, Project Assistant
Eirin Holm Rise, Project Assistant

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