Thursday, November 18, 2004


Search for WWII shipwreck to begin


ABC News

HMAS Sydney II in camoflage.

An international shipwreck hunter and a Perth-based group dedicated to finding HMAS Sydney II have confirmed they will conduct a collaborative search for the ship after a meeting this week.

HMAS Sydney II and its 645 crew sank off Western Australia's mid-west coast in Australia's worst ever naval disaster in 1941, along with the German raider, Kormoran.

UK-based David Mearns and the WA group HMAS Sydney Search have been discussing a combined search for the ships for several months.

Mr Mearns says he has now met HMAS Sydney Search directors for the first time in Perth, and they have confirmed that they will work together to find the ships.

"To have a base of public and political support which they have spent a long time putting together - it allows me to actually join on to the project with my experience and track record in finding shipwrecks," he said.

German Raider HSK Kormoran.

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