Thursday, November 18, 2004


Storms Uncover Sunken Ship Off St. Augustine


First Coast News
By Maria Tsataros

ST. AUGUSTINE, FL -- A piece of First Coast history has been stirred up by the recent hurricanes.The Lighthouse Archaeologists uncovered a ship dating back to the 19th century.

"Well it adds another small piece of the puzzle to the interpretation of St. Augustine's maritime history," said archaeologist John Morris.It's shipwrecked in the nation's oldest city, just off Anastasia Island State Park.

She probably would've remained a secret had it not been for the busy hurricane season and the recent nor'easter.The strong winds and surf unearthed what had been buried for almost 200 years.

"She was fairly expensively built because she was sheathed in metal," said Morris.

Morris and the archaeologists hope to learn more about the ship, and its journeys before it ended up permanently off St. Augustine.

But that journey is on hold for now. The team doesn't have the money to continue the research, and it looks like the boat will remain buried.

"We've documented what's there, they're covering back up with sand and hopefully they'll get completely covered with sand and left alone.

"There is one other archaeological site that has been uncovered by the recent storms. It is located in New Smyrna.

It involves a ship believed built by Britain in the mid-to-late 18th century.

The Volusia County Beach Patrol is monitoring the wreckage site until the tide covers it with sand as well.

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