Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Welsh divers put maritime history on the internet


BBC News

Mark Scowcroft and Paul Edwards with decanters
from the Nimrod.

A team of Welsh shipwreck divers have helped Irish-Americans searching for a piece of their history to find it on the internet.

They have recovered a haul of treasure from a paddle steamer which worked for 17 years taking immigrants from Ireland on the first leg of their voyage to America.

The Nimrod went down off the Pembrokeshire coast on 28 February, 1860, with the loss of all on board.

Up for sale
During a recent search of the wreck, members of the Swansea-based Adventurous Divers Club recovered around 150 items of cutlery and glassware.

The club's shipwreck researcher, Jim Phillips, said the items, which are thought to be worth about £30,000, were being put up for sale on the net.

He believes there will be massive interest from the Irish-American community.

The 583-ton Nimrod took passengers from Cork, Ireland, to Liverpool.

Last journey
From there they would board other ships for the journey across the Atlantic.

On its return trips, which would take about 26 hours, the Nimrod would again take both cargo and passengers.

Its last journey was made in 1860 when storms blew up forcing the ship onto rocks at St David's.

It was all over in 10 minutes as all 45 crew and passengers were lost to the sea.

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