Thursday, December 30, 2004


Austronesian culture rises to the surface


Taipei Times
By Yu Sen-lun
December 30, 2004

Advertising The east coast county of Taitung is home to beautiful mountains, valleys and beaches and it's also the place to experience different cultures.

Taitung County has become a center of archaeology and famed for the study of Austronesian cultures because it is also home to the National Museum of Prehistory (國立台灣史前文化博物館) and Beinan Cultural Park (卑南文化公園).

Two weeks ago, the museum held an international conference, Austronesian Forum: New Perspective on Museum and Cultural Tourism. Guests from Austronesian-speaking countries New Zealand, the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Northern Mariana paid visits to the museum and exchanged their experiences on preserving Aboriginal culture.

Prior to the forum, the installation ceremony of an 8m-long ancient Palau sailing boat took place in the entrance hall of the National Museum of Prehistory.

The museum made an order for the boat in Palau in September as part of its plan to establish permanent collections of boats from all Austronesian-language countries. According to director Tsang Cheng-hwa (臧振華), the collection will promote the sea-based culture of Austronesian people... (continue)

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