Wednesday, December 15, 2004


NLR Floats Plans to Buy Former Gator`s for Maritime Museum

December 13, 2004

The city of North Little Rock is one step closer to creating a maritime museum, on the banks of the Arkansas River.

Monday night, the city council agreed to purchase two more water vessels, formerly the home of Gator`s Barge and Grill.

The restaurant closed down over the summer after the city did not agree to renew its lease.

North Little Rock Mayor Patrcik Hays says because plans for the msueum are steaming ahead, the city will need some docking facilities along the riverfront.

City leaders plan to purchase the tugboat, "Patriot" and it`s barge, "Shipwreck Mary" for $135,000 from owner Hank Burch.

The city had planned to build docking facilities but construction would cost more than $500,000.

The tugboat was built back in the 1930`s. Mayor Hays says the city may do some renovating to bring it back to its original appearance.

It could be used as a docking facility as well as office space or a gift shop.

"Fifty years after the 2nd World War, we turned our backs on the rivers. Now we`re turning back towards our waterways. This is just one more step, getting closer, because we`re gonna be on the water," explained Hays.

Bringing the tugboat, USS Hoga to North Little Rock is still in the works as well.

After a recent trip, Mayor Hays says the city has completed an agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency and is finishing up and agreement with the US Navy. So they hope to have it here early next year.

The city is also considering bringing in a dinner cruiseboat to go along with the museum, which is still scheduled for opening the first of April.

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