Thursday, January 06, 2005


British diver dies in Bulgaria on Titan Salvage project


By Margaret Neighbour
January 04, 2005

BULGARIA -- A BRITISH diver has died after he became trapped underwater during an operation to salvage a sunken ship in Bulgaria.

Anthony Eke, 35, remained in radio contact with his support team for ten minutes after he became trapped while working to raise the ship in the Danube Delta on Sunday.

Rescuers scrambled to reach him but were unable to locate him for two hours, by which time his oxygen supply was exhausted.

According to some reports, the diver was due to be married in several weeks' time.

Mr Eke, who is believed to have been born in Brighton, was part of a team of seven divers working in the delta for the United States-based Titan Salvage.

He was trying to clear sediment from the sunken ship on Sunday when several tons of silt fell on him.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: "I can confirm that a British national was killed in a diving of kin have been informed and we are providing the appropriate consular assistance," he added.

Titan is one of the companies hired to resurface the Rostock, a Ukrainian mineral carrier which sunk on one of the Danube's channels 14 years ago. An accident investigation has been launched.

SOURCE - The Scotsman

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