Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Three ancient Romanian maps bolster accuracy of “Persian Gulf” name


January 16, 2005

VIENNA (IRNA) -- Three ancient maps kept in a Romanian academy confirm the accuracy of the name Persian Gulf to denote waters off the southern coast of Iran, said an Iranian embassy official in Bucharest Friday.

Speaking to IRNA, the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that researches made by the Romanian academy uncovered a map called "Asiac Nova Descripto" dating back to 1584 in which the Persian Gulf is historically referred to as "Mar Mesendin Ol Sinus Persicus."

The Romanian academy is one of the most important and oldest research centers in Romania with a long 140-year history in research.

Another map, also produced in 1584, refers to the Persian Gulf as "Mare Di Mesendin Olim Sinus Persicos," the official said. He said that a third map, called "Asia Ex Mgna Orbis Terre" and dating back to 1612, also refers to the southern waters off the Iranian coast as "Mare Di Mefendin Olim Persicus Sinus."

The inscription made in each of the three maps with respect to the water is indisputable proof that history has always used the name Persian Gulf to refer to those waters and any other name not supported by history would be spurious, stressed the Iranian embassy official.

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