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Treasure of the Atocha - A $400 Million Archaeological Adventure



Treasure of the Atocha A $400 Million Archaeological Adventure by R. Duncan Mathewson III Ph.D.

Published by the National Center for Shipwreck Research Ltd., Key Largo, Florida.

Retail: $34.95; Wholesale 40% discount off retail price.

Duncan Mathewson's 1986 edition of his best seller, Treasure of the Atocha, has just been reprinted by the National Center for Shipwreck Research Ltd.

This book vividly depicts, with some 100 artifact illustrations, maps and color photographs, the full archaeological story of Nuestra Senora de Atocha sunk in 1622 off Key West, FL.

The modern-day detective story of how this Spanish galleon and its great treasure cargo came to be discovered in 1985 has become famous around the world through the widely acclaimed National Geographic Explorer Production of "Quest for the Atocha".

Photographs of the Atocha treasure and archaeological excavation have been added to this edition which have not been available since the first E.P. Dutton edition sold out 18 years ago as an alternate title of the "Book of the Month Club".

This limited edition is personally autographed by the author. This collector's item tells the story of Mel Fisher's famous 16 year undersea search for one of the world's most fabulous treasures.

This lavishly illustrated book brings history to life as the reader becomes a participantalong with the author in solving the complicated archaeological jigsaw puzzlethat finally came together with the finding of the "Mother Lode" after searchingover 100,000 linear miles.

Duncan Mathewson has often been characterized as the most controversial archaeologist in America by being the first professional marine archaeologist to openly work with commercial salvors instead of against them.

By collaborating from 1973 to 1989 with Mel Fisher, the world's most renown treasure hunter, Mathewson has demonstrated how the preservation of maritime heritage can be accomplished through a delicate balance of education and entrepreneurial enterprise.

Dr. Mathewson's work on Nuestra Senora de Atocha and her sister ship, Santa Margarita, has led to a number of important bench marks in the development of Marine Archaeology as a science over the last 30 years.

This book provides an insiders account of the controversy that continues to rage over who shall have access to shipwrecks.

Readers will learn how the Atocha project led to the formulation of a successful model forpublic-private sector partnerships in the location and excavation of historic shipwrecks around the world.

Dr. Mathewson has recently retired as a university professor to run for the Monroe County School Board upon which he is currently serving afour-year term. He is now devoting more time to his on-going archaeological research on the lost 1622 galleons and other historic shipwrecks in Florida and around the world. He lives in the Florida Keys with his wife Arlene, their 10 year-oldtwins, Rachael and Duncan (R.D.) and 7 year-old Eric.

To order, please call Duncan Mathewson at (305) 664-1353 (cell), (305)872-3090 or E-mail at

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