Monday, February 28, 2005


Archaeological body confirms ancient settlement


New Kerala
February 26, 2005

[India News]: Chennai, Catastrophic tsunami could very well have uncovered an ancient settlement - officials have confirmed the findings of new structures off the Mahabalipuram coast in Tamil Nadu.

A three-month joint excavation by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and the Indian Navy after the tsunami, has now led to the discovery of huge, cut, blocks and step-like stone structures, said Alok Tripathy, ASI's deputy superintendent.

"The search has thrown up promising evidence of man-made structures, buried about eight metres under water. Further search is on for more such structures", Tripathy said.

The initial search for an obsolete settlement was started after the Dec 26 tsunami exposed some structures off the Mahabalipuram coasts. Officials who confirmed the findings, said that more evidence was now required to date them.
In the 1590s, European travellers to India had reported of settlements here.

However, Tripathy said that the findings could even pre-date the Pallava era (between 1st century A.D. and 12th century A.D.).


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