Tuesday, February 01, 2005


MA in Maritime Archaeology at UCL, London


A full MA in maritime archaeology starts up at UCL, London, October 2005.

The course will be taught in collaboration with experts from Museum of London and the Greenwich Maritime Institute.


This new programme defines maritime archaeology as the study of ships and harbours in their wider social, political and economic context, together with an increased understanding of coastal and submerged cultural landscapes.

Our aim is to relate maritime archaeology to the broader body of archaeological knowledge, rather than treating it as a discrete sub-discipline.

The course does not set out to train archaeological divers, but to show the range of approaches and methods used by maritime archaeologists today, and to demonstrate the relevance of maritime issues in wider urban, nautical, social and economic studies, as well as into legislation, conservation and heritage matters.

The programme lasts for twelve months (starting in September), although it is also possible to take the course part-time over two years.

Most of the structured teaching takes place in the autumn and spring terms, the summer being devoted to work for a dissertation.

Source: Ole Gron, Subarch List

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