Friday, February 11, 2005


Tsunami unearths gifts for archaeology


February 11, 2005

The deadly tsunamis that crashed into southern India unearthed priceless relics, including two granite lions, that had lain buried under the sand for centuries, archaeologists say.

A team from the Archaeological Survey of India descended on the ancient seaport of Mahabalipuram, 70km south of Madras, to examine the "gifts" left after the tsunami redrew the entire coastline.

They include the remnants of a stone house and a half-completed rock elephant, archaeologists said late on Thursday. There are also two giant granite lions, one seated and another poised to charge.

The statues are each carved out of a single piece of granite stone, testifying to the carver's skill.

The objects were uncovered when the towering waves withdrew from the beach, carrying huge amounts of sand with them.

The waves that killed over 285 000 people throughout Asia also appear to have swept a bronze Buddha to Indian shores from Thailand in a basket attached to a bamboo raft, archaeologists say. - Sapa-AFP


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