Saturday, February 12, 2005


Underwater Archaeological Survey


Last Hunters and First Farmers of the Northern Adriatic

Applications are currently being accepted for Divers & Non-Divers.

Summer field operatives will assist in day to day operations including survey, mapping, course plotting, boat operations, and diving, in search of Late Stone Age human activity in the Northern Adriatic.

The team will be based in Koper, Slovenia. This is a 1 month position, available for 3 sessions (June, July, August). A total of 3 field workers will be accepted per session.

Divers Only
* Underwater archaeological survey, planning and photography
* Diving to depths of up to 30m - generally dives will be less than 20m

Divers and Non-Divers
* Documentation of all daily activity including dive logs
* Nautical course plotting
* Basic boat operation and maintenance
* Manage daily logistical needs
* GPS / GIS data management
* Administrative tasks
* Additional tasks as assigned by project supervisor

Requirements for Divers
- Underwater Archaeological Fieldwork an advantage
- Diving experience and DAN or similar Diving Insurance
- Advanced Open Water Diver (PADI) or equivalentAbility to work underwater with confidence

General Requirements
- Archaeological Fieldwork Experience an advantage
- Commitment to work agreeably within a team
- Comfort and ability to spend long hours on a boat required
- Swimmers preferred
- Ability to operate in a foreign country required (non-Slovene applicants)
- Travel Insurance
- Additional Language skills an advantage (Italian, Slovene, Croatian)
- Boating experience an advantage
- GIS and/or GPS experience an advantage
- Computing skills and a knowledge of database and Excel an advantage

Application Process:
Interested applicants should send electronic mail to: Clive Bonsall Email

Your email should have a Microsoft Word format document (.doc) attached to it with the following information:

* CV, including academic, professional, diving experience and date of birth
* a passport type photograph
* a half A4 page on your interest in human prehistory and archaeology


* All 2nd year(+) undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduate students of all levels, are eligible to apply (regardless of degree subject).

* Proficient divers interested in archaeology, but who do not have archaeological experience are encouraged to apply.

* Applicants need not be a diver to be considered, however no more than 1 non-diver will be accepted per session.

* This is a volunteer position. All travel, food, personal equipment and housing costs will be the responsibility of the applicant. Applicants are encouraged to seek external grants.

* Applicants need not be affiliated with Edinburgh University.

* Applicants must indicate for which month they are applying. Outstanding applicants with the desire to do so will be considered for multiple sessions.


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