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The Dragon in the Lake


March 29, 2005

The Dragon in the Lake -- New Book Reveals Latest Research on the Ancient Underwater Pyramids in Wisconsin.

CARPENTERSVILLE, Ill. -- In the cold murky depths of a Wisconsin lake lay mysterious rock structures wrapped in Native American folklore and local legend. These ancient underwater manmade structures may be the most significant and controversial North American archeological discovery of the twentieth century. In Archie Eschborn's fascinating new book The Dragon in the Lake, you will follow a small band of amateur archeologists led by Eschborn himself as they reveal new research opening up a new chapter in prehistoric North American history and ending decades of controversy on North America's most sacred and secret native American site.

In the book, the author provides compelling new evidence, along with countless professionals, scientists, geologists, researchers, archeologists, anthropologists and divers, who have challenged the status quo of the Wisconsin Historical Society who have clung to their erroneous pronouncements about the fabled "Rock Lake Pyramids" in the first half of the twentieth century.

The Dragon in the Lake takes readers on a wild ride to the coastal waters of Honduras, Mexico, Canada, and the United States to explore one of North America's most enigmatic underwater archeological sites. Investigated and researched by many in the past, none have covered this underwater archeological mystery firsthand like Eschborn. "This exciting, educational ride may soon have some Wisconsin state institutions in turmoil due to the explosive nature of its findings and their potential impact to change the thinking on pre-Columbian migration and trade routes between present-day Mexico and Wisconsin," according to some authorities.

About the Author
Archie Eschborn is a writer, filmmaker, scuba diver, and explorer. He also works full-time as vice president of sales and marketing for one of America's top ten aeronautical research and fan manufacturers for government, automotive, and commercial industries. He has been on Discovery Channel, ABC News, and A&E concerning his work about the underwater structures at Rock Lake as well as in national and international magazines and newspapers. Eschborn is currently working on a book about dome architecture and is researching several other projects on unusual history and archeology. To find out more about these mysterious underwater archeological treasures or to contact the author, visit

The Dragon in the Lake -- By Archie Eschborn
North America's Most Controversial Underwater
Archeological Discovery of the 20th Century
Publication Date: December 17, 2004
Trade Paperback; $22.99; 375 pages; 1-4134-6032-1
Cloth Hardback; $32.99; 375 pages; 1-4134-6033-X

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