Friday, April 22, 2005


ADMAT's Maritime Archaeological Field School in the Keys


The objective is to conduct a non-intrusive survey of the wreck site to see if further clues as to the ships identity, nationality, wrecking process and purpose can be found. The team will measure and record the remaining lower hull structure. Archaeological training will be given on survey equipment, including ADMAT's own Underwater Survey Diver course Pt 1&2, Proton Magnetometer Diver Course (both PADI SDC unique to ADMAT) and various relevant archaeological courses will also be run. This is avery practical course, with as much diving as we can do. All team members will be expected to muck in and take active part in all tasks.

This field school is open to all divers and students, on the condition that they have a teamwork attitude. Anyone interested in taking part and joining the team will find all the information on ADMAT's web pages or under "Florida" or can contact Simon Spooner direct on .

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