Saturday, April 23, 2005


The British archaeological expedition to Kuwait


April 21, 2005

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The British archaeological expedition to Kuwait (BAEK) is a project which began in 1998 in the area known as H3, As-Sabiyah, to search for archaeological evidence of early seafaring in the Middle East.

The project was undertaken by a British team in collaboration with the Department of Antiquity and museums in Kuwait. The actual excavation began in 1999 and ended in 2004.

The Web site details information about the valuable discoveries, which include: pottery; ceramics; artefacts; stone boats and tools.

In addition, there are pictures and references to the project. Detailed information about the project team is also provided.

It is a good site full of historical information that would suit researchers as well as the members of the public who are interested in maritime history and archaeology.


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