Sunday, April 03, 2005


Netherlands to restore tsunami damaged Sea Archaeological Exploration Unit


Daily News
By Nadira Gunatilleke
April 01, 2005

THE Netherlands Government has agreed to fund restoration of the Sea Archaeological Exploration Unit which was severely damaged by last year's Tsunami disaster. The Unit is located close to the Galle Fort.

The Unit earlier discovered about 26 places where ancient ships had drowned. The unit's last excavation project was on Avonstar ship drowned in the Galle harbour during the Dutch era.

The ship belongs to the Netherlands. The artifacts discovered from the ship was preserved in the Unit but the preservation unit, lab and the preserved artifacts deposited on the English Jetty were destroyed during the tsunami disaster.

The Netherlands Government funds the sea excavations which will be commenced shortly. Robert Parthesius attached to the Amsterdam Museum will supervise the exploration work of Avonstar ship.

The Netherlands Government will also fund few other projects which are to be implemented to preserve Galle Fort and several other archaeological sites.

A simple ceremony was held at Galle Sea Archaeological Exploration Unit to mark the occasion with the participation of Corine A.J. Timamen attached to the Cultural Affairs Division of the Netherlands' Foreign Ministry, Deputy Director General, Archaeology, Mohan Abeyratne and several others.


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