Thursday, April 28, 2005


Reconstruction of Red Bay, boat built in 1546 for whale hunting, almost done


April 26, 2005

The Traditional Boats Investigation and Building Centre has almost finished the reconstruction process of the boat Red Bay, one of the boats that accompanied the San Juan galleon in whale hunting in the middle of the 16th century.

In spring 2004, Oarsoaldea S.A got the drafts of the boat and decided to build a replica of the Red Bay, from the year 1565.

Soon, once the building process is confirmed as well as the process of recovery of sea patrimony adjusts to the level of quality required by such a project, and after checking it complies with all the necessary requirements, the San Juan galleon will be also built.

This is a joint project with the Culture Department of the Gipuzkoa county council and the Submarine Archaeology Department of Parks Canada.

The Sea Archaeology Department of Parks Canada, led by Robert Grenier, well-known Submarine Archaeologist worldwide, is very much involved in the recovery of Basque sea culture and particularly in the project of investigation and reconstruction of the San Juan galleon.


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