Thursday, April 07, 2005


Ruby Mining Company Confirms Shipwreck


Yahoo Finance UK
April 6, 2005

ATLANTA -- Ruby Mining Company (OTCBB:RUBM), conducting operations through its subsidiary, Admiralty Corporation (Admiralty), announced today that its ship, the New World Legacy, and Corazon a' Corazon's ship the Corazon Grande are on site in the area where Admiralty recently arrested a wreck site for a ship thought to be from the sixteenth or seventeenth century.

The cannon pile has been located and the site is being filmed and documented. A large number of artifacts have already been found.

The Company is receiving numerous requests from shareholders and other interested parties for more detail on this project, which Admiralty has code named "Project Orange".

More information will be released in due course and we will establish an area on our website with more information.

Pictures from the site are expected to be available next week. The examination of historic wreck sites is best accomplished in an orderly protocol.

After the site is protected with an arrest, it should next be mapped and documented.

An attempt to identify the ship through an examination of artifacts and archival research would then follow. It is most important that proper efforts are made to discover and authenticate the ship's identity and history as well as to protect and preserve the artifacts.

We are proceeding with deliberate haste and care and will share information as it is confirmed and at the appropriate time.

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