Sunday, April 24, 2005


Solomon Islands seek U.S. help with hundreds of sunken WWII warships


by Evan T. Allard
April 21, 2005

HONIARA, Solomon Islands -- The government of the Solomon Islands wants help from the United States to deal with oil leaks from deteriorating World War Two shipwrecks.

Officials told CDNN the Solomon Islands need U.S. help to assess the environmental impact of the leaks and if possible, stop oil from leaking into fragile marine ecosystems that islanders rely on for their sustenance.

During World War Two, heavy fighting took place between the Japanese and the United States in the Solomon Islands and hundreds of warships sank in the area.

As the shipwrecks get older and deteriorate, leaking oil from the vessels poses an increasing environmental threat.
Colin Beck, the Solomon Islands' ambassador to the United Nations, told CDNN that his nation lacks the expertise and know-how to deal with environmental problems caused by leaking oil from sunken warships.


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