Thursday, April 07, 2005


Upcoming "SS Republic" coin auction


Bowers and Merena
April 05, 2005

Irvine, CA - Bowers and Merena will be offering a selection of important and historic Liberty Eagles and Double Eagles recently recovered from the shipwreck of the SS Republic. The sale, entitled Treasures of the SS Republic, represents the first national auction appearance of gold coins recovered from this shipwreck.

The Treasures of the SS Republic Sale is scheduled for April 8, 2005 at the start of Session Three in Bowers and Merena's Official Kansas City ANA National Money Show Auction. The session will begin at 6:00 PM Central Daylight Time. "The SS Republic sank in 1865 off the coast of Georgia during an extremely fierce hurricane," stated Bowers and Merena President Steve Deeds.

"The shipwreck was discovered by Odyssey Marine Exploration in 2003. With the wide-ranging media coverage that has been generated by the ship and its archaeological excavation, the SS Republic's fame is spreading rapidly. Demand for its treasure has steadily increased as more and more collectors have become aware of the history of the SS Republic and the numismatic significance that its treasure holds."

According to Bowers and Merena Director of Numismatics Jeff Ambio: "Since excavation began, Odyssey has recovered more than 51,000 Quarters, Half Dollars, Eagles, and Double Eagles from the shipwreck site.

Bowers and Merena is offering a selection of Liberty Eagles and Double Eagles as part of the Official 2005 Kansas City ANA National Money Show Auction. Each coin has been expertly preserved, graded, and encapsulated by NGC. They have also been hand-selected by John Albanese, Odyssey's Numismatic Marketing Strategist, for eye appeal and technical quality."


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