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Global Marine Ltd. Acquires Exclusive Rights to Shipwreck and Epic Film Project


May 3, 2005

Steamship Planter (1860-1876).

CHARLESTON, S.C., Global Marine Ltd. (Pink Sheets:GLBM) announced today that the Company has acquired the exclusive book, film and copy rights to "THE ROBERT SMALLS: An African American Legend," written under contract with Robert R. Nielsen Sr., GLBM historic researcher.

The book and film now in the early stages of production is expected to be an epic film on the courageous life and adventures of Robert Smalls, a slave that escaped slavery and carried out a daring act by taking control of the Confederate steam ship, Planter, presenting it to the Union fleet blockading Charleston harbor, May 1862. The Planter was very unique, as it was first Confederate prize ship "captured" by the Union.

In 1876, Robert Smalls learned that his famous steam ship, the Planter, had run aground and sank off of Charleston while coming to the rescue of another vessel. The Planter shipwreck's location is now a target of Global Marine's search and will be shown in the film.

Harper's Weekly and newspapers in the North hailed Robert Smalls as a national hero. Smalls later met with Abraham Lincoln and brought orders to Beaufort, SC ordering the recruiting of 5,000 African American's into the Union army and became the first African American captain of a Union ship -- Planter.

Smalls' activities in politics lead to assisting in rewriting the S.C. Constitution. He served in the S.C. House of Representatives and Senate, becoming one of the first African Americans to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives. Historians believe Smalls was one of the most influential African American's in the United States.

Los Angeles-based production team, lead by Bruce Cosgrove, investment banker for Global Marine and acclaimed director Silvio Polo,, (Winner Best Film, Winner Best Producer -- Queens International Festival) is preparing to film. Global's search for the Planter is underway. The Company will film the dive operations and document the historic site, and locate the steam boilers from the Planter. Artifacts and other slavery items from past dives will be donated to the newly planned $50 million International African American Museum located in Charleston, SC. Scheduled to be opened 2008.

The Company expects to receive worldwide attention, adding to the publicity of the shipwreck, book and film. The executive producers believe that this epic will rival that of "Gone With The Wind," as the present Hollywood team has been preparing a script filled with intrigue, mystery and ultimate Heroism. GLBM will share in the revenues and also ancillary products derived from the film.

Further information on the life of Robert Smalls, film, The Planter and other shipwreck progress may be found on the Company's website:

Douglas Beatty, President/CEO stated, "Behind every shipwreck there is a story to be told. The Company has been very fortunate that 'Hollywood' has taken a keen interest bringing to life the story of a true African American Hero. ...The treasure here is not gold or silver, but a national 'treasure'... a man who changed our Nation through his belief in freedom for all."


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