Monday, May 16, 2005


Global Marine Ltd. Acquires Exclusive Patent Rights to Cutting Edge 3D Imaging Solutions Saving Millions of Dollars in the Search and Recovery of Ship


May 13, 2005

CHARLESTON, S.C., -- Global Marine Ltd. (Pink Sheets:GLBM) announced today that the Company has acquired the exclusive Patent Rights from Wildfire Technologies USA for their recently discovered increased form of wavelength frequency, Data Flow Enhancement (DFE) a new way of finding and viewing shipwrecks in shallow or deep water independent of visual conditions. This developed technology will be applied to Global's "found" shipwrecks and Global will continue to develop other applications and revenue streams from this science.

Applying the system to current sea floor mapping technology, can isolate a particular target, or shipwreck and draw a 3 Dimensional picture of the wreck, cargo or debris field. Fine tuned to discriminate densities, DFE can identify wood, ballast, gold, silver, porcelain, precious gems or other programmed densities. Recovery teams are then directed to the located artifacts.

The Company acquired this proprietary technology after determining that DFE technology may save Global Marine millions of dollars in the search and mapping phase of "wreck hunting," increasing the Corporate profitability dramatically. Expecting immediate core business from leasing the use of the 3D penetration features to shipwreck and Oil/Gas corporations, private companies and Government Organizations expressing interest in using this technology.

The application, which has the power to penetrate even the thickest structures using increase encrypted signal strength is truly a major breakthrough available through Global Marine Ltd., which has already begun soliciting clients in the marine and security sectors.

Major Potential Applications:

-- RFID scanning / tracking devices
-- Ground Penetrating Radar - buried artefacts/coins/graves
-- Satellite / missile defence communication
-- Viewing underground bunkers / tunnels
-- Remote sensing lost radioactive devices

The impact potential of DFE is astounding and when applied to any communication device will increase the performance level 50% to 1000 times while consuming 30% less energy and producing 50% less heat. Potentially reducing the production costs of devices by up to 80% percent, increasing profitability.

The exclusive rights apply to the use of DFE patent technology in areas of RFID (Radio Frequency Devices), 3D high-resolution imagery of a variety of surfaces and sub-surfaces making the DFE design extremely attractive and satisfying the incessant consumer demands for newer, better and faster communication devices.

Douglas Beatty, President and CEO explains, "This discovery is a first and sets the new standard for search and recovery of shipwreck artifacts. Without disturbing the wreck site, determining the exact position of artifacts and recover them leaving the site virtually intact, for future study!"

Beatty continues, "In its simplest form, think of this technology as scanning the Titanic and drawing a 3D picture of each deck miles below the oceans surface! It's brilliant technology. Imagine being able to "see" through dense structures and know what is on the other side. The acquisition of this exciting discovery is the next step in developing the cash-flow and increased project development we have anticipated."

This Revolutionary discovery is a culmination of over 30 years applied experience of the development team and its application to numerous industries can be viewed on Global's website.


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