Friday, May 06, 2005


Low tide day offers chance to explore foreshore


Richmond & Twickenham Times
By Andrew Raine
May 06, 2005

ENVIRONMENTAL volunteers will find out what lies beneath on International Low Tide Day tomorrow (Saturday) by cleaning up a rarely revealed stretch of the Thames foreshore.

International Low Tide Day marks the Saturday in spring with the lowest tide and the charity Thames 21 will be taking full advantage of this rare opportunity to remove usually unexposed litter from the tidal Thames. Previous low tide finds included four unexploded shells from the Second World War.

On the day, Thames21 and community volunteers will drag, tug and dig out litter from the muddy foreshore including the usual suspects like traffic cones, scaffolding, prams, bikes and the ubiquitous shopping trolley.

Thames21's west London co-ordinator, Nerida Matulick, said: "Cleaning up the Thames hand-in-hand with the local community is the backbone of Thames21's work in greater London.

"International Low Tide Day is all about raising awareness about the value of London's vital green spaces where local communities can fish, sail, row, walk, cycle, or simply relax."

For ten years, individuals and community groups have organised waterside events like walks, talks, archaeology and clean ups on foreshores around the world to mark Low Tide Day and offer people the chance to explore their local environment.

There will be displays by the RNLI lifeboat team, close encounters with river wildlife and archaeology workshops at the Pier House where Chiswick lifeboat is stationed, between 11am to 4pm.

The RNLI will have a stand at the event and the crew will show visitors around the lifeboat on the pontoon.

There will also be foreshore explorations, clean-up, river dipping and archaeology on the foreshore around Chiswick Eyot off Chiswick Mall with from 9am to 11am.

To join the Thames21 Low Tide Day clean up, contact Nerida Matulick on 020 8742 8131 or 07855 795 941.


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