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Protected Wreck Study


May 04, 2004

Lord Belhaven's Crest - Silver fork handle
recovered from the Royal Anne Galley wrecksite.

Archaeologists are to study an 18th-century wreck lying off Lizard Point in Cornwall to learn lessons about conserving sunken ships.

English Heritage has commissioned Cornwall County Council and Penzance-based maritime archaeologist Kevin Camidge to carry out an environmental assessment of the Royal Anne galley.

The Royal Anne, one of 49 protected wrecks in UK waters, sank in November 1721 with the loss of all but three of her 127 crew while en route to Barbados.

Her story... (Lizard Diver)
The Royal Anne Galley, a fifth rate of 127ft in length by 31ft breadth and weighing 511 tons (builder's measurement), was built by Richard Stacey at Woolwich Dockyard and launched in 1709 from a design by Marquis Carmarthen.

Our research has unearthed a mine of information about the vessel. Her Pay List at the time of her loss shows 185 men onboard, of whom only three survived the wreck.

We know that at the time of her trials, the Royal Anne could be rowed with 66 oars and was allowed 60 men over her establishment on this account and carried 48 guns of bronze and iron.

The site was located on 5th May 1991 by Rob Sherrat & Mike Hall. Positive identification of the wreck as the Royal Anne Galley was made from a crest and motto which appears on recovered silver cutlery.

These appear to be part of a matching set and have hallmarks of 1717. The crest is that of Lord Belhaven, who we know from admiralty records and contemporary newspaper reports was the principle passenger on the Royal Anne en route to Barbados to become Governor.

Tragically, the Royal Anne was lost off The Lizard on the 10th November 1721.

The licence to survey the Royal Anne was grated and, although limited to periods of calm weather (due to her exposed position off The Lizard point), work still continues upon the site. Click here to see work in progress...

As licensee, Lizard Diver can now take visiting divers on the site of this historic wreck & others. (Schiedam) Take a look here for more information...


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