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Ruby Mining Company Announces Shipwreck Porcelain Auctioned at Nantucket Wine Festival


May 23, 2005

ATLANTA-- Ruby Mining Company (OTC BB:RUBM.OB - News), conducting operations through its subsidiary, Admiralty Corporation (Admiralty), announced today that Nova Marine Exploration, Inc. donated two pieces of ancient shipwreck porcelain, which were auctioned for charity at the 9th Annual Nantucket Wine Festival this weekend.

They, along with a bottle of champagne, raised $2,800.00 for charity. The festival, held on Nantucket Island off of the coast of Massachusetts, is one of the region's most celebrated wine and food events.

All proceeds of the auction benefit the Nantucket Historical Association. The festival was well attended and mostly sold out. Please visit their interesting web site,

The donated items were from a collection of shipwreck porcelain recovered by Nova Marine Exploration, a joint venture partner of Admiralty in which we hold an equity stake. The donated Ming Plate is 7.5 inches in diameter.

The provenance is pure--it was produced from a kiln in China about 500 years ago and loaded onto a transport vessel, which was at the bottom of the sea until five years ago. It was stabilized after recovery and is in excellent condition.

The familiar blue and white pattern achieved popularity in the European marketplace after this plate had already been in the sea for 200 years.

The donated Sung Dynasty (960-1279 CE) bowl is 6.5 inches in diameter is perhaps the highest expression of China's ceramic artistry.

The monochromatic "white ware'' was produced for export, then lost at sea on a ship that sunk en route to South Asia or the Middle East about 1115 A.D.. It still looks practically brand new after almost 900 years at the bottom of the sea

A lecture entitled "Rare Wines and Rare Finds -- Wine and Sung -- a Sung Dynasty Bowl and Ming Plate'' was hosted by Marc Geriene, one of Admiralty's directors.

The purpose of our participation was to excite the public concerning rare and valuable artifacts that are available from shipwrecks.

This is part of a continuing program to build an interest and a market for items that we ultimately rescue from the sea.


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