Friday, May 13, 2005


Texas A&M to scuttle historic ship


The Washington Times
May 11, 2005

Galveston, TX, (UPI) -- A big part of Texas A&M University history will soon become a playground for fishes.

The Texas Clipper I, the original training vessel for sea cadets at Texas A&M-Galveston, will be towed out to sea and sunk to create an artificial reef, school officials said Wednesday.

The ship will be scuttled in November about 25 miles off the coast of Port Isabel.

"It will be a sad day for many when that happens," said Stephen Curley, an English professor who has tracked the vessel's history. But Curley said the old ship will be put to good use by encouraging marine life to grow and creating an interesting location for divers.

Originally commissioned in the U.S. Navy as the USS Queens, the 473-foot ship sailed in World War II as an attack transport in the South Pacific. It was later decommissioned and became a passenger liner before being acquired by Texas A&M.


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