Saturday, June 11, 2005


Former Disney, SeaWorld veterans part of new entertainment venture


June 06, 2005

Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc., an undersea exploration company, has founded an entertainment division to develop, launch and manage shipwreck-themed attractions, merchandise programs and publishing efforts.

Among the senior staff of the new division are President and CEO George Becker, the former executive vice president of SeaWorld Inc.; Executive Vice President Roger Kurz, a former director of marketing for Walt Disney World; and another Disney veteran, Sam Hutchins, who is the vice president of merchandise programs.

Without revealing details of its plans, Tampa-based Odyssey Marine (AMEX: OMR) says it will go into the public entertainment business by developing interactive displays that showcase shipwrecks, treasure and artifacts. Also a part of the entertainment mix is the advanced research and technology used by the company in the field of deep-ocean shipwreck exploration.

It plans to open the first attraction this summer.

Also planned are the production of shipwreck gifts and memorabilia, artifact reproductions, photography, art and jewelry.

Another subsidiary, Shipwreck Heritage Press LLC, will produce and distribute books relating the underwater archeology and shipwreck methodologies used by the company.


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