Monday, June 13, 2005


Global Marine Ltd. to Sell Recovered Shipwreck Artifacts on Their Website


June 10, 2005

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Global Marine Ltd. (Pink Sheets:GLBM) announced today that the Company would offer to its collector base and the public, historical cultural and marine artifacts through their Website.

The collectable items for purchase are featured under various categories, which are easily navigated throughout the Site, under the Links; Rare Nautical Antiquities, and Historical Items for Purchase. This weeks featured artifact is a beautifully preserved large Spanish hand coiled clay "Olive Jar", which was one of the first pieces selected from a permitted wreck site.

Large-scale production of "Olive Jars" and the New World's clay and porcelain originated in Guadalajara, and were used by the Spanish and French from as early as the 14th century and even earlier by the Inca and Mayan Indian.

The unique nature of these items was used to carry oils, food products, water and mercury. Mercury was transported back to Spain in large quantities and used in the smelting process of silver and gold that was carried on board.

The artifact is being offered to collectors for $112,000, as it is the first piece recovered and will have a certificate of authenticity of archaeological providence from this historic wreck.

Other artifacts featured recovered from GLBM's shipwrecks for purchase include emeralds, "silver" trade coins, glassware, lead, war relics and other rare antiquities, and will also be accompanied by Certificates of Authenticity.
Other exquisite artifacts will be featured daily on the Company's Website.

Pictures of the "Olive Jar", artifacts and further developments on the Company's shipwreck expeditions will be released as they progress, as well as GLBM's epic novel and feature film, "The Robert Smalls Story -- Inspiration".

Smalls was the first African American Congressman, who's shipwreck "The Planter", is under investigation by Global Marine Ltd., which will be featured in this film.


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