Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Victory gunpowder runs recreated


June 11, 2005

HMS Victory can be seen at Portsmouth's
Historic Dockyard.

A reconstruction of gunpowder runs made to stock HMS Victory ahead of the Battle of Trafalgar is being held to celebrate its 200th anniversary.

Local rowing and sailing clubs as well as Royal Navy sailors are taking part in the barrel race - rowing across Portsmouth Harbour from Gosport.

It recreates the scene in 1805 ahead of Nelson's historic battle with the Franco-Spanish fleet.

Prizes will be awarded for the fastest and best dressed crews.

Bill Sainsbury, gunpowder run co-ordinator, said: "Gunpowder for HMS Victory was supplied from Priddy's Hard in Gosport.

"The barrels would be transported across Portsmouth Harbour by rowing boat.

"The gunpowder run will make a marvellous harbour spectacle."


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