Wednesday, August 03, 2005


8000 year-old pirogue found in lake Bracciano


August 01, 2005

Rome, Italy - An 8,000 year-old pirogue was found in Lake Bracciano, in the area of the neolithic village La Marmotta.

"It's an exceptional example of ancient ship engineering, which proves the advanced knowledge of the peoples who lived here in 6000 BC" say the archaeologists who made the discovery, of the Prehistoric Museum 'Luigi Pigorini' in ROme.

More than 10m long, made out of a single oak trunk, the pirogue was still being made when it was abandoned for reasons we still don't know.

It was found at a depth of 10 metres. The boat will be displayed in late September, at the town hall of Anguillara Sabazia.

Research at La Marmotta is being carried out by a team led by Maria Antonietta Fugazzola, with the cooperation of Lazio's archaeology superintendence.


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