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Florida Shipwreck Field School Online


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August 03, 2005

The PAST Foundation 2005 Field School began Monday, and continues through August 12. Daily updates are posted online here.

A group of twelve students from universities around the world are getting ready to spend two weeks of school underwater in Key Largo, Florida.

Lead by a team of professional archaeologists and anthropologists from the PAST Foundation of Columbus, Ohio, the group will learn about two wrecks in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary through research and exploration.

Through a collaborative effort with NOAA, the PAST team will study a group of artifacts recovered in 1992. The artifacts are believed to come from the wreck of the ADELAIDE BAKER, lost in 1889 just south of Duck Key. Built in 1863 in Maine, the bark ADELAIDE BAKER is one of the nine wrecks that form the National Marine Sanctuary’s Shipwreck Trail.

The artifacts the team will study are being considered for a touring exhibit and educational programs. The PAST team will carefully document all the objects and then help the staff of the sanctuary ready them for use in exhibits and education.

The second shipwreck the team will study is the SLOBODNA, built in 1884 in Austria and lost only four years later on Molasses Reef in the Keys.

The SLOBODNA was a composite ship built of wood and iron sailing with a cargo of cotton from New Orleans. Today the wreck sits in 28 feet of water and although it's a well-known dive site, there is no comprehensive site map.

The PAST team will focus on creating a detailed site map locating the various ship parts resting on the bottom.The PAST Foundation is a 501(C)(3) small educational foundation. PAST started as a non-profit organization in 2000 founded by an international Board of Trustees. Its mission is to promote partnerships between anthropologists and educators. PAST has successfully initiated and implemented projects throughout the United States and has proposed projects that will take students into the international arena.


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