Saturday, August 27, 2005


New Orleans' new attraction reveals shipwrecks' secrets

By Paula Crouch
August 24, 2005

Go under the sea without ever leaving dry land at Odyssey's Shipwreck & Treasure Adventure, which was to open this weekend in New Orleans.

Developed by Odyssey Marine Exploration, the interactive attraction — in the Jax Brewery in the French Quarter — tells the stories behind some of the world's most famous shipwrecks, their treasure and historical artifacts.

Hands-on exhibits, such as a wind tunnel, wave pool and a replica of the control room onboard the sonar-equipped Odyssey Explorer, give visitors the chance to experience deep-ocean shipwreck exploration.

A Civil War-era ship with an intriguing connection to New Orleans is featured in the exhibit. The SS Republic sank in a hurricane off the coast of Georgia while sailing from New York to New Orleans in 1865. Odyssey discovered the Republic nearly 1,700 feet below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean in the summer of 2003 — nearly 138 years after the ship went down. Visitors learn what it was like to be in the pilothouse during the storms.

More than 51,000 gold and silver coins, and some 13,000 additional artifacts, were recovered during the extensive deep-ocean archaeological excavation.

A film about Odyssey's quest for deep ocean shipwrecks is screened in the high-definition digital theater. Visitors learn about the history of shipwreck archaeology, and salvage and recovery techniques at an interactive exhibit.

The attraction is open daily. The cost is $13.95 for adults and $8.95 for children ages 4-12.


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