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Historic 'Nina' docking for tours


The Cincinnati Post
September 05, 2005

The Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria.

One out of three ain't bad.

Starting on Friday, history buffs will have a chance to explore a life-sized model of the Nina, one of three ships Christopher Columbus sailed to the Americas in 1492.

The Nina replica will dock at Mike Fink's restaurant, at the foot of Greenup Street in Covington, until its departure on Sept. 19.

Built completely by hand without power tools, the ship was called "the most historically correct Columbus replica ever built" by Archaeology magazine.

It was used in the film "1492" that starred Gerard Depardieu and was directed by Ridley Scott.
Built by the British Virgin Islands-based Columbus Foundation, the ship has toured since 1992 as a sailing museum to educate the public.

The original Nina was a caravel, a Portuguese ship with a Scandinavian-style bow and combination square and lateen rigging. The Columbus Foundation calls the caravel the best open-water sailing vessel of the Age of Discovery.

The Nina's official name was the Santa Clara, the patron saint of Moguer, the home of her master-owner Juan Nino, from whose name came the nickname Nina.

It was Columbus' favorite of the three he took to the New World, and the only one that survived the entire first voyage.

She logged at least 25,000 miles under Columbus' command, including three trips to the Americas.

A self-guided tour of the ship costs $5 for adults, $4 for senior citizens and $3 for students. Children 4 and under are free. No reservations are needed.

The ship will be open every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Teachers who want to schedule a 30-minute guided tour with a group of at least 15 may call (787) 421-0402 or e-mail


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