Saturday, September 24, 2005


Mary Rose fragments to be raised


September 21, 2005

Sections of the bow and anchor of the Tudor warship Mary Rose are to be raised to the surface next month, it was announced on Wednesday.

The fragments of Henry VIII's flagship, which sank in 1545, were found in 2003 in the Solent.
The vast majority of the hull was raised in 1982 but the bow section remained in the silt off Portsmouth.

The raising of the bow and the anchor will improve the understanding of the main part of the ship.

It is hoped the sections will be raised by divers on 11 October, the anniversary of the recovery of the hull 23 years ago.

The dive is being financed by the Ministry of Defence, which has investigated the site as part of a proposal to widen the channel into Portsmouth Harbour for the new larger aircraft carriers.

Although the widening will not affect the Mary Rose site, timbers have been left exposed by previous dives.

John Lippiet, chief executive of the Mary Rose Trust, said: "It will be an exceptionally important dive for the Mary Rose, and the recovery of two vulnerable items from the seabed, the stem timber and the anchor, will mean that we can rebury the remaining timbers to keep them safe.

"Future generations will no doubt return for further excavations, but the site will be well protected.

"The stem is of huge significance and will help historians, archaeologists and our many visitors to have a far greater understanding of the Mary Rose as a ship."


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