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September 2005

The Nautical Archaeology Society Annual Conference, Portsmouth: 12/13 November 2005.
Featuring presentations from a range of professional and amateur archaeologists, the 2005 NAS Annual Conference will provide an opportunity to discuss research, review the archaeological activities of members and exchange ideas on managing our maritime heritage on both a national and international level. The speakers will include:

· Anton Englert (Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde)
· Robert Parthesius (Avondster Project, Amsterdam)
· Joe Flatman (Institute of Archaeology, University College London)
· Jens Auer (Wessex Archaeology)
· Waldemar Ossowski (Polish National Maritime Museum, Gdansk)
· Lucy Blue (Centre for Maritime Archaeology, Southampton)

Supported by Action Stations, the event will also incorporate the 2005 NAS AGM. the 3rd Annual Adopt-A-Wreck Award, and the Inaugral NAS Photographic Competition.

For full details of the conference, speakers and post-conference programme and information about how to register, please visit the Conference pages of the NAS Website: or email the conference organiser, Sarah Ward:


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